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Following graduation from the University of Texas in 1965, I answered John F. Kennedy's call
and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania, East Africa.  I arrived in that exotic, far away
land shortly after Tanganyika had achieved independence.  My Xeroxed memoir of those golden times
lay hidden in my library for nearly 50 years.  Realizing how vastly different the world is today,
and how innocent and hopeful it was then, I decided to put it to print to share with others.

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Chunya, a gold boom town during the '30s, was considered "...one of the most undesirable
spots in the country" but there I found my own little paradise.  Against the odds, my fellow Volunteer
and I found a new family with Samson, our yardboy, Aaron, our cook, the White Father
missionaries, and a small army of students sincerely wanting to learn and to know more about
the world.  No electricity, no telephone, no TV, limited running water, snakes in the outhouse,
no luxuries except the infinite peace and beauty of Africa.  There was fear, hope, loneliness
and unbounded joy.  

The book is priced at $10.00 and will be sent by US Mail for $12.  For overseas and express orders,
please write for cost.  To order, please send your address to:

The book is available for immediate download in PDF format for reading on your Kindle, iPad
or computer for $2.50.  

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