Part 2

This is what it once looked like.

The museum is in a former mansion.

Heroes of the Revolution.  Che Guevara on the right.

    A Russian tank in front of the museum.

Jose Marti, Apostle of Cuban Independence.

Cuba celebrates the 500th anniversary of discovery in 2019.

Street scene; Barcadi Tower in background.

The European Union Embassy.  There was a long line.

The Barcadi (as in rum) Tower.

This BBQ chicken and rice cost $14 US.

This is ropa vieja, "old clothes," shredded pork

One of the home-style restaurants we visited.

Anti-racist sign in a restaurant.  Amen!

Street vendors sell fruits, vegetables, and garlic

I did try a few mojitos and daquaris but no Cuba Libres as there is no Coca Cola in Cuba.

Music everywhere.  These two were in a park

A parade on stilts, with music, of course.

Everyone is out at night, enjoying music and the breezes.

Many of the buildings are lit by LEDs at night.

School children heading home.

This dog displays his sterlization card.

We did get away to the beach one day.  The water was
beautiful and the cool air was appreciated.

We took a bus to the beach.  I wanted to show the
good roads Cuba has.  It is probably because they
have fewer cars.
I saved the best for last: the magnificent automobiles of the 50s.
I could identify most of them and I remembered how I used
to dream of owning one.  It was dreamland for me :) Unfortunately,
it rained the afternoon I planned to ride around in one.

A '56 Buick

A pink Cadillac

The '58 Chevrolet Impala - my all time dream car. 
There is nothing to compare with it today.

This is a '56 Ford convertible.  I had this one in blue when I was
at the university.  Oh the memories!!!

How about a red Cadillac convertible ???

Or a Chrysler Imperial convertible.  This model had a turntable which moved at 16 2/3 rpm.  Only a few records were available.

This is the view below our hotel room every morning.

This one is before my time still very cool.

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