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Our group of 10 Fandango players from Oaxaca headed to Mexico City to taste the best that the city had to offer and to explore the rich culture of  its museums. 

 We stayed at the Hotel Gillow, just two blocks from the Zocalo, the historical center of Mexico City.  Our tour organizer, Jayson Hackler, lined up 8 four and five star restaurants for lunches and dinners.  In addition to excellent Mexican cuisine, we enjoyed French, Chinese, Indian, Continental, and Arabic meals.

Following are some photos of our excursions.  We can only say "Wish you had been there!"

  Hotel Gillow

Nearby the Zocalo was decorated for the
upcoming Independence Day celebration.

On the other side of the Zocalo stands the Cathedral.

This fountain depicts the founding of Mexico City.

The National Palace (Capitol) is ringed with pedicabs.

Jane Robison and Joan Quillan display Chiles  
Enogadas and a Squash Blossom in Cheese wrapped in Banana Leaf delicacy at the Cardnal Restaurant.

Bill Pumphrey and Sara Allen prepare to enjoy 
their dishes at the restaurant.

The view across the street is reminiscent of Paris.

Dinner the first night was at Hunan, an exceptionally
elegant Chinese restaurant.

There were no Chinese waiters or diners
but the food was excellent.

Before lunch the next day, we dropped by the Opera Bar where Pancho Villa rode in on his horse.

The bar's ornate ceiling has a hole where Villa shot.

Our tour organizer, Jayson Hackler, and his friend
Mary Lou at the Opera Bar.

Chuck Ryan appreciates the period furnishings.

After the Opera Bar, lunch was at Tacuba Restaurant.

This well-known restaurant had beautiful stained glass.


At Tacuba, we were entertained royally.

Shannon met some new friends there.

CJ also enjoyed the musicians' overtures.
(We dined at Hacienda de los Morales that evening
but nobody remembered to bring a camera)

Our first museum visit was to the home of renown
architect Luis Barragán.

Like many museums, photos were not allowed inside but we were able to get a group photo on 
the roof patio.

Several blocks away we visited a home designed
by Barragán which featured a pool in the diningroom.

Lunch found us at Miguel's, an excellent middle-East Restaurant.

A few of us were too full for dinner that night but those who went claimed that the French cuisine at Les Moustaches was the best of the entire trip.

That night we wandered around the Zocalo.

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