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Our gang had so much fun last fall that we decided to make another pilgrimage to Mexico City, truly one of the most interesting capitals in the world. 

We stayed again at the Hotel Gillow, just two blocks from the Zocalo, the historical center of Mexico City.  We dined again at some great restaurants and visited some new museums.  By far the highlight of this trip was our visit to the Ruth Lechuga Museum.  Ms. Luchega is in her late 80s and in poor health and our previous attempts to visit there had failed.  

Several members of our group discovered the great double decker bus which covers all the major sites of the city and allows you to get off, explore, and reboard.  They highly recommend it.  

Follow El Lider.  Jayson Hackler guides us around the city where he spent much of his childhood.

The Gillow Hotel was our headquarters again.

We returned to El Cardenal for breakfast.

Gallos Centenario, one of our dinner choices,
was filled with cocks.

The lounge walls were covered.

Here's the hungry gang.

Unfortunately, we didn't have enough people
to dine in this sumptuous room. 

This entree features nopal cactus and a banana
on beef in mole sauce.

Jane Robison found a painting of her sisters.

Our next breakfast was in the Hosteria de Santo

The mural depicts a nearby plaza.

"Where are we headed next?"

Bill thanks the waiter for a great meal.  Oddly,
the waiter didn't respond (or move).

We had to return to Hunan, a 5 star Chinese choice.

More happy Hunan diners.

Jane was ready to scream when she received
a birthday cake but one taste and all was

Chinese food is great but look at these desserts.

CJ and Jane celebrate her birthday at Tacuba.

The trio at Tacuba sang birthday greetings.

Can you find the photographer in this reflection?

On the left is the great National Museum.  
Click on the statue for more photos.

Every area of Mexico City has its specialty shops.
Wedding gowns fill the shops near the Gillow.

Ruth Lechuga, whose private collection of Mexican art is renown as the best. 
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