Guelaguetza is an internationally recognized dance festival where dancers from Oaxaca's eight regions come to Oaxaca to perform in the huge outdoor theatre which overlooks the city.  The majority of the seats are free but you need to arrive several hours early.  You can purchase tickets for the sections in front of the stage.  The front row guests also get to catch the straw hats, fruit, and other goodies thrown by the dancers after they perform.

Guelaguetza is held the last two Mondays in July and those two weeks resemble Mardi Gras with streets full of brightly dressed dancers, tourists and booths selling native handicrafts and food.  Every night there are free dance exhibitions and music concerts held throughout the city. 

 You should be here!!!

The dancers are colorful and enthusiastic

At right, a young man is dressed up for Guelaguetza

The Guelaguetza parade displays beautiful costumes

The towering manikins are a part of Oaxacan celebrations

Each group is preceded by its pueblo's banner

Go early and reserve a window seat at an upper floor restaurant for the best shots. 

Every group is dressed differently

The lace head-dresses are typically Oaxacan

Should you miss the show in the auditorium, there are stages
with dancers around the city throughout the festival

Food stands are set up around town and you can sample Oaxaca's moles, special drinks, and even grasshoppers

The Dance of the Pluma headress weighs several pounds

At right, dancers parade around the zocalo bandstand carrying baskets of flowers on their heads.

A pluma dancer shows off his costume

You can get photographed with the performers

This young trio comes to town every year and wins the hearts and coins of passers-by

A group of stilt walkers strut their stuff

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