In the Spring of 1962, I first traveled to Monterrey, Mexico, on a Reader's Digest sponsored journalism fieldtrip. I immediately feel in love with this exotic country. The following summer I was the guide for a group from my church and on that trip I met some Mexicans with whom I corresponded and spent the following Christmas. The next summer I lived with the Jose Gonzalez family while attending Monterrey Technical Institute, where I studied Spanish. Papa Gonzalez let me add Gonzalez to my name after I ate a meal covered in his picante, spicy sauce. I probably know Mexico better than I know the United States. In 1987 I discovered Oaxaca. I lived there twice and visited there on many occasions before retiring here in 2002. I founded two tourist newspapers here (Oaxaca Times- English and Oaxaca - English and Spanish). Of all the places in the world where I could live, I chose Oaxaca.

Concert at Santo Domingo

Flowers at Camino Real hotel

Interior of a village church

Crypts on Day of the Dead

Courtyard of the Camino Real hotel

Oaxaca Cathedral begun in 1544

Bandstand on Zocalo

Skull from Monte Alban Museum

Skeleton on Balcony

Pets at Blessing of Animals

My friend's Mother with Granddaughter

Concert at Zocalo Bandstand

Pyramids at Monte Alban

Cathedral on Independence Night

Mural in State Capitol

Pool at Hierve el Agua

2000 Year Old Tule Tree

Desert Scene at Yagul

Sculpture at Museum


Tower of fireworks

Easter Procession

Gold from Monte Alban tomb

3,000 Year old Ruins at Mitla

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