I first visited Acapulco in 1965 after graduation from college.  The town was still filling in at that time.  I came back in 1988 and have been coming back ever since.  There are newer mega-resorts but we know Acapulco and it is only a five hour bus ride from Mexico City.  We love Hotel Emporio Acapulco.  The hotel deserves its five stars.  There are excellent restaurants nearby, including a Texas Rib House and a sushi bar off the lobby and three pools including one for adults only.  The hotel is on the beach where you can get a massage for $7 or ride a parachute across the bay for $10.  We take the city buses to see the cliff divers and to go to other restaurants.  It's a great place to unwind and have a relaxing vacation.

Acapulco's bay is lined with modern hotels

New condos are springing up everywhere

Seaside seafood restaurants ring the bay

Beachside parks are open to all

Hotel Emporio Acapulco

Spacious rooms with marble floors

The adults only pool with waterfall

One of many tropical birds in the garden

Pool with slide and swim-up bar

It's a big drink and I'm sure it's not iced tea

Even retirees need vacations

Alexis needs quality pool time

Across the bay are more hotels and homes

It's a bird, it's a plane!  No, it's Alexis

These are the colors my camera saw

Sunset colors the western cliffs

Christmas is magic in Acapulco too

For those who prefer a traditional sunset

The waiters at the Texas Rib House help Alexis celebrate her birthday

Sidewalk cafes around the Zocalo

Thought she was in Denmark, didn't you?

A rocky island offshore

I was recruited to play soccer while I was there

We were guests at this hilltop mansion

Alexis and Bill on the mansion deck

Alexis could get used to this life

View from the hilltop down to the beach

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