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Pocahontas said it best, "We are all connected to each other - in a hoop, in a circle that never ends."  I first discovered this when I lived in Mexico during my junior year in college with the Gonzalez family, then reaffirmed it while serving in the Peace Corps in Tanzania, East Africa.  My travels since then have taken me around the world and I have always been blessed to meet kind, gracious people in every land.  I have lived in Texas, South Dakota, Philadelphia, Hawaii, Tanzania and Mexico. In 2002 I retired to Oaxaca, Mexico, which is about 300 miles SW of Mexico City.  Don't miss my links above.  I haven't had a moustache all my life but when I shaved it off after 21 years, I started growing it back immediately. You'll never see me without it.

I speak pretty good Spanish and some Swahili. If you corner me to name my favorite country I will say Mexico. My favorite city would be Oaxaca although Mexico City is my favorite world capital. I love all kinds of food, especially Mexican, Thai, Tex-Mex, Italian and Chinese. I really feel that I am a Citizen of the World rather than American. I am comfortable wherever I land.

I have many interests: world travel, computers, good books, writing, photography, music (everything except rap), exercise, working on my home, and spending time with my friends, family and my pets (Lucy and Sombra, my dogs). I have too much education, probably trying to compensate for flunking out of the University of Texas my junior year. It was a real wakeup call for me and I went on to attend six universities (U. of Texas, U. of Hawaii, U. of N. Colorado, Hawaii Pacific U., Syracuse U., & Monterrey Mexico Institute of Technology) and earned three degrees.  On a dare, I got into Mensa but decided the people there were not my type.  Living in Hawaii for 19 years, I had some incredible jobs.  I was Executive Director of the Hawaiian Fashion Guild and I taught at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu for 12 years and served as Acting Dean of the Travel Industry Management Program.  I left Hawaii in 1990 after the cost of living became unbearable and most of my friends and students had left.  Finally in 1994, I landed a job with Dell Computers in Austin, Texas, which forever changed my life.  I rode the dot-com bust down but my stocks returned strong enough for me to retire early.  I crossed the border the day after I turned 60 and never looked back.

I am a third generation Texan although I have lived away from the Lone Star State for most of my life.  My grandparents' hotel where I grew up is now a museum and I say you know you are old when your home is a museum and you're not President.  I have been fortunate to travel around the world. Australia is the only continent I haven't visited yet.

The thing of which I am most proud in my life is my daughter, Alexis, whom I raised as a single parent. She works for CBS in Boston where she graduated from Boston University. We are best friends and I truly feel blessed to have shared the life of such a remarkable person. She has my love for travel and feels that a jet plane is public transportation.

I have been active in my church but I have enjoyed Buddhist ceremonies, Catholic services, and other religious gatherings. My faith has carried me through difficult times and I know there is a power greater than I am. In Oaxaca, I often stop and meditate at the Church of Santo Domingo. I have been in Saint Peter's Cathedral in Rome but I prefer Santo Domingo.

In addition to nurturing my mind and spirit, I try to keep my body in good shape by working out.  That requires more effort every year, if not every day, especially with the excellent Oaxacan cooking.

I am very handy with tools and computers but I cannot cook. I think I have a fear that if I ever get hooked on cooking I will end up bloated. I do have an eating disorder though: if you put food in front of me I will eat it. I was Dining Editor for Hawaii Airlines in-flight magazine for a year and learned to appreciate good cuisine.
 In 2010, I published Life’s Roller Coaster, a collection of stories from Texas, Mexico, Tanzania, Philadelphia, Hawaii, and places all over the globe where I have lived or traveled. 

Recently I dusted off a manuscript, Home to Chunya, about my days in Tanzania, East Africa, where I served in the Peace Corps.  Reading it again made me realize how greatly the world has changed, how fortunate I was to live there.   Click covers for more information.

Oaxaca, Mexico, at dusk.
Home to Chunya

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