After more than half a century of wandering around the world, I have completed a collection of short stories about my adventures and ups and downs.  I hope you will read it.  With the invaluable assistance of Don Roland, a classmate
from high school, I was able to get the book in print.  It has more than 100 photos.


No flat-liners for me. Come ride life's roller coaster and zoom from a hotel in drought-ridden Texas to the summit of Africa's Mt. Kilimanjaro, from a ghetto school in Philly to a posh office overlooking Society Hill, from teaching young Africans in Tanzania to working with beauty queens in Hawaii, from struggling with a broken down car in Mexico's Sierra Madre mountains to flying business class around the world, from being robbed in Cairo to interviewing for a dream job in Jakarta. You'll meet my lovable Aunt Vera, saintly Mama Stead, my African "son" Samson Mirambo, baby Eric Michael, the divine Rosie, the unforgettable Argentine Carmen, Rusty Pumphrey - the best dog in the world, simply Alexis - the best daughter in the world, and dozens more who made my journey unforgettable.  You'll meet saints, sinners and colorful characters along the way -- at a border brothel, in an AIDS hospice, in a small West Texas town, in a haunted home in Honolulu, in a mansion in Acapulco, in a small growing college in Hawaii.
Love, loss, living -- it's all here in 29 stories from my incredible ride.

The book is priced at $19.95 and will be sent by USPS for $22.00.  For overseas and express orders, please write for cost.  To order, please send your address to Bill Pumphrey:

The book is available for immediate download in PDF format for reading on your Kindle, iPad or computer for $7.50. 


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