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After lunch the next day at Dewat, an outstanding Indian  restaurant, some of us visited the spectacular National Museum of Anthropology and History.  Here is Shannon at the impressive museum courtyard.

There is too much to see but the Aztec calendar in the main salon is clearly the centerpiece.

This painting depicts the island city at the time of Cortez's arrival in 1521.

One of the many incredible stone carvings.

A depiction of market day during the Aztec era.

Another towering statue.

Our main interest was the Oaxaca salon.  Here Shannon admires a painting of Monte Alban, the mountain top Zapotec city.

A depiction of a Zapotec tomb from Monte Alban.

One of the many beautiful pieces of Zapotec pottery  from Monte Alban.

The plaited headdress on this Zapotec statue looks like that worn by women in Oaxacan villages today.

Sanborn's House of Tiles in the historic center of the city was a frequent breakfast site.

The wall paintings and architecture of Sanborn's make it a relaxing location for a meal or coffee.

The stairway murals are equally impressive.

Sanborn's had the biggest decoration we saw on our trip.

Our last gourmet meal was at the Hacienda San Angel.

The restaurant was decorated for Independence Day.

We all agreed that the hacienda had the best ambience and excellent food.

The piece de resistance was a special coffee which included juice from a flaming orange.

After dinner, we wandered around the grounds.

A fountain filled with roses caught our attention.

Sadly but satiated, we ended our gourmet tour.

Adios to Hacienda San Angel.

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